Monday, 18 July 2011

almost there!

Well once again we are flying through the month- halfway through July! I have been very busy at work and family business too so not a great deal of time for any art.  I have juggled all month and am still not on top of things. I guess I have to give into it and let art go for a few weeks.  I have managed to do some calendar pages but feel they are not really finished as I would like, so many other things going on I dont seem able to find the right stamp or picture to finish them off!  hey ho, must try harder!

Here is my July effort,

I tried to just go random with colours and style but my heart isnt happy with it.  I think once you have a break from art, sometime its hard to get the arty mojo going again.  Im feeling quite frustrated this month but at least i've managed to keep up with the challenge on hopefully I will perform better next month.

I'm loking forward to my sister and nieces visiting and they love to play with paint, ink & stamps too so that should get me off and running again, but first I need to tidy up the studio! otherwise we wont all fit in! seriously where does the mess come from , I try to tidy as I go, but its still messy! Volunteers welcome!

Its not exactly summer weather !!? I had plans to sit outside and do some art! but maybe August will see some sunshine.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy making art

Maggie x