Sunday, 12 April 2015

Im Back!

 Is there anyone out there ?? Such a looong time since i blogged! Freshly retired this year so hoping to be on here more often

Have recently rearranged my little studio took me almost 10 days! but Im ready to art away!
loving these little houses hoping to get my DH to cut me some more, love the chunky wood

Hang on to empty boxes! there is always a use for them!

Im getting my sewing mojo back too!

Ive been checking out lots of lovely blogs just recently so many lovely projects, also enjoying Pintrest, so much to look at! & I'm loving tutorials, such generosity to share ideas & projects.
Think  I might need some on refurbishing this blog, but there are so many choices I can't make up my mind! Im ready to get arty again !
Be back soon
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