Sunday, 17 April 2011

Back from the Brink!

Ive spent the last week turning my house upside down looking for my lost journal and glasses, believe me ive unearthed items that I had forgotten existed! but I did find my journal ... in Cheltenham! in a bag with other crafty books!  yeah... and then my darling husband went into the loft to fetch the suitcases down and low and behold in a bag in the loft were the prescription sunglasses!!!  Big hugs to hubby, although the whys and wherefores as to how they got there in the first place will remain a mystery. 

So I shall be MIA for a couple of weeks as im off to see my beautiful granddaughters in New York!.  Suitcases are packed  (lots of lovely baby clothes!!!) and I managed to finish the quilts...

I also signed up for a workshop at Scarlet Lime - Christy Tomlinson - She art workshop I needed some inspiration and ideas and this workshop got my mojo going again.  I was looking at Efemera Ink blog and saw the lovely art work on there and so that prompted me to look into it.  I've had great fun doing this and I still have 2 more weeks to go but im pleased with my effort, I wont be able to do much for a while but I shall be looking for new supplies whilst in N Y . Michaels here I come!!  I 'm sorry I cant seem to make a link to the sites I've mentioned will need a lesson on blogger to crack it.  This is my first piece of She Art!  I'm pleased with it but not so happy with the hair need to work on that.

Bye for now and hope everyone enjoys the Easter Break,

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Maggie x

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Err.. Please Miss......

I seem to have misplaced my calendar journal!? Really its gone awol, I know I took it to Cheltenham when I was child minding, and now it has disappeared.  Im sure it will be in a bag somewhere with other crafty books but this past week I have searched and searched to no avail.  So I didnt want to miss out on the April page and have done it in another journal, and I will transfer the pages once I find the original book!.  I have also managed to misplace a pair of prescription sunglasses! which I got in October (I was thinking ahead) but Ive searced all the drawers and handbags and no sign of them!  Its been a helter zkelter month again I seem to be busier now than ever before ! whats that all about.  Im not getting much art done at the moment, :( and Im off to New York next week to see the Twins again cant believe they are 4 months now. We are really looking forward to it  - so I guess I'll not be doing much art for the next couple of weeks.  But... Ive been lucky enough to get a place on the Dina Wakely course at AFTH!! yippie, I missed out the last couple of times so I shall be there early May and probably a little jet lagged if you're going please pinch me if I nod off. 

Apologies for the poor quality photos I should have taken them in daylight, but ran out of time.  I used a blue cats eye ink for the base and then some scattered straw distress ink brushed on. I then splatted water and got a really good effect.  Papers are crate paper, Easter sticker from Tim Holtz, Flowers (AFTH) stamped on some backgrounds I wasnt too happy with but worked well for the flowers.  The monk is from a Sunday paper holiday section. I thought he gave a sense of calm in all the rain!   I've been looking at all the links on Kate Cranes page and as ever the pages are fabby.  I shall try to get around a few more  shortly. 

I've been making a couple of quilts for the babies and have one finished and the other one just to quilt and bind.  I've really enjoyed getting back to my sewing, only problem is my shoulders ache! but hey ho a Nana has to do what a Nana has to do. 

Hope everyone enjoys the Easter Break and hopefully the sunny weather - fingers crossed.  There seem to be loads of Bank Holidays this month  woop woop, lots of arty time!.

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Happy days!
Maggie X