Saturday, 11 June 2011

Two for One!

Its been a long time since my last blog! so this is a two for one event.  I never did manage to blog May calendar pages - oops - and i've not quite finished June pages, there is something missing! I keep looking at the page and dragging out stamps and images but as yet nothing has sparked with me.. i will keep trying!  I seem to be hurtling through the year here we are 6 months since I started my blog... time is going too fast and I just can't seem to keep up with myself, from reading other blogs i'm not alone everyone seems to be running behind themselves trying to catch up, I just run out of hours some days!
here is May and June:

oops sorry June seems to have turned itself around! I guess thats just the kind of month im having! The Gnome lady is from Tumble Fish studios collage sheet, her legs from Dyans downloads also the toadstools, I think she looks like my friend Mary who spends every hour of daylight in her garden, only problem is Mary Hates Gnomes! ha ha, The birds are a 7 Gypsies stamp and words from paper artsy.
I've been checking out all the other wonderful calendar pages linked on The Kathyrn Wheel blog, must get around some more.

I have also been finishing my She Art workshop (Loved It) (scarlet lime) and am still in the middle of She Had 3 Hearts workshop ( also Christy Tomlinson - scarlet lime) I have really enjoyed doing these my 3 Hearts journal is progressing very slowly, ive only managed 3 pages so far! lol I am also hoping to sign up for Dina Wakelys - Graffiti of my life workshop next month.  Am hoping to get to some workshops in the UK but its all a matter of timing!
Here is a page from the 3 Heart journal,

I have been very naughty and bought more supplies!!! so many tempting offers on the websites I can't stop myself! I may need more storage soon - a trip to Ikea is involved !

I've been doing a little sewing today, baby slings for the twins!

Enjoy the weekend, Keep Calm and Do Some Art!

Thanks for stopping by

Maggie x


  1. Love your lady and the toadstalls for may and the colours look great for june x Your 3 hearts journal page is beautiful x

  2. Fab pages. I love the Tumblefish Studio images on your pages. Well done for keeping up with the challenge so far :-)

  3. I love these pages and your images x