Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Ooops! I seem to have fallen off my blog! I can't believe the last post was on 10 March!! Which also means that I've fallen with a mighty bang off the 365 Calendar Challenge on Kate Crane's blog..... sorry miss! My arty life seems to have disappeared at the moment, real life has taken hold of me, but there is a shred of light starting to beam again, I actually got back to my little studio  last week and managed to do some ART!  whoop,  1st a journal page, then a teeny tiny canvas, and another canvas which I haven't managed to finish yet as i can't seem to find the right image to go on it! but I like the colours!

I had some more motivation last Saturday, I spent a fabulous day at Art from the Heart! with the fabulous Dyan! Yeah, I did the canvas workshop - been trying to get on that one for months! I enjoyed every minute of it and produced not to bad a canvas! (if i should say so myself!) I choose a colour palette completely out of my comfort zone! Im usually purples/pinks/lime green etc but I did have a cranberry/burgundy  colour in there! I was a little gung-ho with the centre strip! but i'll know next time not to go so high! I'll definitely be making more of them! watch this space!

I've been having a clear out in my studio, sooo many magazines, got three bags full but don't know whether to recycle them or take them to the charity shop.  I admit I have too much stash! but there are so many tempting items online! Im trying to be restrained and start using up more stash before buying more! I may have to restrict my internet browsing! if that possible!

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Hope everyone has an arty weekend.

X Maggie


  1. hey gorgeous, your canvas was mighty fine. You rocked it xx