Sunday, 30 December 2012


No more excuses! I'm a bad blogger, probably because I'm not getting much art time and have little to show sometimes life takes over and you've got to do what you've got to do! Hopefully I've done it! And I will start to get more art time in 2013- in two days time!

First off it will be the tidy up of tidy ups in my studio, seriously anyone walking into it would think it had been ransacked! I only did a few canvasses from October to end of November, so I cannot understand how it got so bad! I also probably shouldn't buy any more stash! But with a new craft shop in the village it's kind of hard to pass by without stopping in and stocking up! If you should ever get lost and end up in darkest Leicestershire you need to visit BarjanB crafts in Newbold Verdon, it's full of great goodies you just have to have!  Would you believe we had a visit from Andy Skinner!! At the end of November needless to say I was first in line and we had a fabulous demo& workshop with him, & he is coming back in April I think! Happy days. thanks to Barry and his wonderful team!

I've signed up for an online workshop Lifebook 2013 starts 1 Jan so I really need to get tidying so I can actually start getting arty! I really want to do other online classes but I'm resisting until after January, I'm having some special visitors arriving soon - My beautiful Twin Grandaughters - so I want to spend precious time with them before I get involved in anything else!

I did manage to do some canvasses I'm enjoying the process very much and have more I want to do
Here is a peek of my most recent ones

I also need a lesson on photography! and layout, the last three photos are not true colours as they were taken in bad light! I could also do with a crash course on how to improve my blog , I never seem to get around to reading up how to do it hopefully I'll manage to do that very soon.

Thanks for stopping by this humble blog,

Wishing a Happy, healthy, prosperous & arty New Year to everyone

X Maggie

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